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New Vision for Summer School Partners

What is a NVSS Partner? 

The New Vision for Summer School (NVSS) Network provides a unique opportunity for education industry leaders, formal and informal summer learning providers, as well as for-profit and nonprofit education organizations to become involved with Network districts, with access to meetings, input on Network topics, and opportunities for targeted conversations that will further innovative practices and products in the summer space. 


NVSS Partners 

Building Educated Leaders for Life (BELL) 

BELL partners with schools to realize a New Vision for Summer School and increase student achievement. The nonprofit organization blends school and community resources to help schools deliver summer learning programs that include small-group academic instruction, hands-on enrichment activities, field trips, and community engagement. It's BELL Summer program model helps students in grades K-8 who are struggling academically to boost their literacy and math skills and transition successfully into the next grade level. Most importantly, the BELL Summer model has been independently proven to increase student achievement.  

BELL and its school partners tailor the BELL Summer model to meet the local learning needs and priorities. For example: in some schools, BELL delivers summer learning programs specifically designed for English language learners; in other schools, the program serves as a transition from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school; in other schools, the program helps middle school students at risk of being retained in grade to gain the skills needed for promotion.  Through its summer learning partnerships, BELL raises philanthropic support, recruits additional talent to support teachers, provides Common Core-aligned curricula and assessment tools, and manages program operations to support schools in achieving their goals for student achievement.   

Classroom Inc.

Classroom, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to high quality programs for middle and high school students and extensive professional development services. The compelling program includes fifteen realistic, workplace based, interactive computer simulations. These virtual internships are accompanied by integrated, standards-based, literacy and math print materials. The programs not only build literacy and math skills, but also focus on core problem solving, decision-making and collaborative skills as well. Since 1992, more than 600,000 students and 700 sites around the country, most in summer programs, have used these interactive programs. Classroom, Inc. has a demonstrated track record with students showing impressive gains in test scores, which are highly engaged and have exceptional attendance rates. For more information, visit or call 800-258-0640.

Harlem RBI 

Harlem RBI’s mission is to provide inner-city youth with opportunities to play,learn, and grow. Harlem RBI uses the power of teams to coach, teach, and inspire youth to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. Harlem RBI’s approach to youth development and education addresses the barriers inner-city youth typically face by providing concrete opportunities to build the skills and confidence needed to break the cycle of poverty.

All participants play on a baseball or softball team, which serves both as a "hook” to attract youth participation and as a tool to help youth develop as leaders, teammates, and individuals. As part of its year-round curriculum, Harlem RBI takes advantage of summer hours to engage participants with high-quality programs in classrooms, on the field and in the workplace. Through the six-week REAL Kids Summer Program, youth in grades K-5 play on a baseball or softball team and participate in literacy enrichment and team-building activities that develop academic, social, and emotional skills in a supportive learning environment. At the same time, youth in grades 6-12 participate in Team Enrichment, a series of age-appropriate programs that offer a wide range of activities including math and writing workshops, service learning opportunities, SAT preparation classes, and summer employment. Summer programs at Harlem RBI ensure youth continue their growth and development well beyond the school year and provide them with more opportunities to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. 


MetaMetrics is focused on improving education for learners of all ages. The organization develops scientific measures of academic achievement and complementary technologies that link assessment results with instruction. For more than twenty years, MetaMetrics’ work has been increasingly recognized worldwide for its distinct value in differentiating instruction and personalizing learning. Its products and services for reading, mathematics, and writing provide valuable insights about academic ability and the potential for growth, enabling students to achieve their goals at every stage of development.

MetaMetrics offers, at no cost, two distinct initiatives to promote learning over the summer months. In 2012, it launched the Chief's Summer Reading Challenge in partnership with the Council of Chief State School Officers. This call to action is intended to raise national awareness of the summer loss epidemic, share compelling research on the importance of personalized reading activities, and provide access to a variety of resources to support targeted reading. In 2013, MetaMetrics also launched the Summer Math Challenge, aimed at combating summer math loss. The Summer Math Challenge is a free, six-week, email-based, math skills program aligned with the Common Core State Standards and targeted to students who have just completed 2nd through 5th grades. 


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